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The Plumbers Local 68 Benefit Funds are each Taft-Hartley Trusts regulated by ERISA. The Plans of Benefits developed under these Trusts are self administered by the Board of Trustees and exist to provide Health, Welfare and Retirement benefits to Employees of the Employer contractors signatory to various Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) and Participation Agreements between UA Plumbers Local 68 and those Employers.

These Plans do not constitute a contract of employment. Those employment issues are covered by the CBAs and/or Participation Agreements. Employees and Participants must satisfy all eligibility rules of the Plans to qualify for any benefit described. The Trustees have full and exclusive authority in their sole discretion to determine all questions of coverage and eligibility. Specific information on each Plan is contained in the Summary Plan Description(s) which are included on this Website. We have also provided general access to various Forms and Notices related to day to day Fund Operations.

Specific information regarding any Participant is only available through Login, under secure password protected access.

The existence and operation of the Trust Funds and the Plans of benefits is a joint effort by the Signatory Contractors and UA Plumbers Local 68 to provide the best possible Health, Welfare, and Retirement Benefits. These benefits are provided from the Trusts' assets, which are accumulated through the contribution provisions of the CBAs and Participation Agreements. This Website represents the Trustees' goal of providing access to the Trusts' and Plans' information and the Individual Participant information through a secure source. This Website also provides Quick Links to several of our related affiliates; these can be accessed through the Links menu item above.

As always, if you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Fund Office: (713) 869-2592 or toll-free 1-800-833-2980.


When entering this Portal you will go directly to the Login function of this Website. Please note that MOST of your general Plan information can be accessed through the Benefits menu above. By accessing the Participants Portal of the Website you will be allowed to view most of your personal and private information related to the Plans. This includes such things as:

  • current claims (EOBs) and work history
  • Eligibility status
  • printing a temporary Insurance ID card
  • viewing past DC Plan statements
  • ability to update your contact information



When entering this Portal you will go directly to the Employer Login area. Please note: MOST of the general information, including the SPDs, can be accessed through the Benefits menu above. Accessing the secure password protected section on the website will allow the designated Employer Representative to:

  • access certain historic reports
  • order or print remittance forms
  • print benefit administrative forms for employees
  • access copies of any Notices or general mailings to Participants
  • submit Contribution Remittance online through i-Remit


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