Here is a list of frequently asked questions by benefit type. If your question is not addressed here, you can contact the Fund Office at (713) 869-2592.

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If you have a question that is not listed here, please let us know and we will add it to this section. Other members probably have the same question. Please email your suggestions, mail them to the Fund Office, or call the Fund Office (713) 869-2592.

Group Protection Plan

If I am current with my Union Dues, why am I not Eligible for Health Benefits?

The Membership Dues that you may pay at the Union Hall do not qualify you for eligibility for benefits under the Plan. You must satisfy the Initial Eligibility and Continuation of Eligibility rules of the Plan. The Eligibility Rules are fully explained in your SPD under Article I beginning on page 52. The complete rules for gaining and maintaining your coverage and your Dependent’s coverage are contained in Article I. Please read this section and if you need additional information contact the Fund Office.

When does my coverage start?

In the SPD, section 1.02, page 52…. For Collectively Bargained Participants; on the first day of the month following a period of two(2) consecutive months of work in Covered Employment, during which time you have worked a minimum of 260 hours. For Non-Bargaining Unit Participants; coverage is based on the terms Participation Agreement between the Trust Fund and the Employer, Non-Bargaining Participants should check with their Employer.

Why do I have to furnish Check Stubs to qualify for coverage?

Under the terms of the CBAs, our signatory contractors have 40 days after the end of each month to report the hours worked and submit the contributions to the Fund Office. Until that report is received, the Fund Office has no way to know how many hours you may have worked. If you have not worked long enough or enough hours to have accumulated and Hour Bank. This is fully explained in section 1.04 on page 53 of the SPD. If this applies to your situation, please contact the Fund Office and we will help you determine the best way to furnish the necessary proof of hours worked…it may be dropped off, e-mailed, or FAXED.

What documents are required for insurance?

The Benefits office requires:
  • Enrollment card with Social Security numbers and birth dates
  • Marriage License
  • Birth Certificates on all dependent children
  • Divorce Decree medical insurance information on all step children
  • Claim Form
  • 19-26 Adult dependent form, if applicable
  • HIPAA letter from prior insurance carrier
  • Additional documents may be required for special circumstances.
  • All documents sent to the Fund Office must have your policy identification number on it.

Pension Plan

When do I need to complete forms for retirement?

Contact the Benefit Office at least 2 months prior to retirement date.

When am I eligible to retire and receive a benefit from the Pacific Mutual Defined Benefit Plan?

Normal retirement age of 62
  • Early: Your age plus years in Plan equal age 70 (5% reduction for each year prior to age 62)
  • Disability: Any age with Social Security Disability award.
  • Worked @ least 600 hours in previous 16 Quarters in “Covered Employment”

When am I eligible to receive the Plumbers Local Union No 68 Defined Contribution Plan?

Normal retirement age of 62

  • Early: No Employer has made contribution to Plan on your behalf for at least 5 consecutive Plan years (fiscal years)
  • Disability: Social Security Disability/OR Provide Medical Evidence to Board of Trustees that proves total and permanent disability.

What is the Plan/Fiscal Year?

July 1st to June 30th

What documents are required for retirement?

  • Member Birth Certificate
  • Spouse Birth Certificate if applicable
  • Marriage License if applicable
  • Divorce Decrees if applicable

Vacation Benefits

Why does my vacation account not reflect the amount on my checks?

Contractors have 40 days from the end of a work month to report contributions. The Fund Office will deposit the funds at the Credit Union on the last working day of the month in which they are received. The Credit Union will post them to your account on the first working day of the following month.
  • Example 1: Work hrs for January are received in February and deposited @ Credit Union on the last working day of February. The CU will post them for the first working day of March.
  • Example 2: Work hrs for January are received in March and deposited @ Credit Union on the last working day of March. The CU will post them for the first working day of April.